Bail Bond Executives is a well established Bail Bond and Process Serving Agency of California



Free 24 Hour Consultation

Call us 24/7. We never close. Within seconds of your phone call, you are connected with a licensed 24-hour bail bond agent to answer all your questions. We have a reputation for first-class service and fast response. Our bail bond agents cater to individuals and families who appreciate the importance of experience, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Fast Service

For most customers, promptness is the number one consideration when choosing a bail bond company. Who wants to be in jail any longer than necessary? Our vast network of agents allows us to handle practically every jail in California. Our strongest representation is for Southern California jails.

Credit Cards Accepted

Paying for the bail bond is made easy with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by cash. We also offer financing for those who qualify.

Flexible Financing

Typically, bail bonds require payment in advance of the detainee’s release from jail. We understand that may represent a financial burden. If you need financing we have creative financing options. If you qualify, we can work out payments with no financing charges. Within minutes we can advise you if you qualify for financing.


We understand that working with a bail bond company is potentially an embarrassing situation. Our company is highly discreet and will protect your privacy.

We’ll Travel To You

At no charge to you, we can arrange to have a 24-hour licensed agent come to your location. Our strategically placed network of agents allows us to service most areas of California. Our highest density of agents is in the Southern California region. Additionally, we can service most metropolitan jails throughout the entire State of California.

Fast Phone Approval

We can approve most bail bonds by phone in just a few minutes. Call us now to speak directly with an agent: Toll Free

Collateral Usually Not Needed

Most customers are eligible for signature bail bonds that require no collateral. Typically our customers are low “flight risks”. We look at many factors such as the length of time living in California, employment situation, credit rating, character, type of crime and similar factors. These factors are considered for both the defendant and the indemnitor.

No Hidden Fees or Gimmicks

All fees are discussed in advance. You don’t have to worry about surprise fees or gimmicks. Bonding Agents are all licensed and regulated by the state and all have a set rate of 10% of the bond. Bail Bond Pros is one of the few agency’s authorized to offer there Private Defense Counsel clents a 8% amount.

Creative Solutions

We realize that some situations are unique. Give us an opportunity to resolve your special needs. You may call us anytime at 714-226-2130.